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Working place of the remuneration performance Commissioner: Shanghai

Post duties:
1. Responsible for employee salary, meal calculation and cost allocation
2. Responsible for the transfer of social security and accumulation fund to the transfer work and the distribution of the cost
3. Safekeeping of labor and capital files such as labor contract
4. The declaration of personal income tax
5. The adjustment of social security, provident fund and employee wage income


Requirements for office:
1. More than 3 years of experience in related personnel compensation and welfare work
2. Familiar with tax law and labor law
3. Familiar with the use of word and excel
4, conscientious, good learning, and ambitious


Accounting place: Shanghai

Post duties:
1. The audit of accounting vouchers is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of accounting accounts.
2. Responsible for quality cost accounting
3. Audit of sales and purchasing vouchers
4, part of the financial analysis work in charge of order performance analysis and so on
Requirements for office:
1. More than 3 years of experience in manufacturing accounting, familiar with tax law and related experience in financial analysis.
2. The above title of Intermediate accountants; bachelor's degree or above


Senior sales engineer working place: Shanghai

Post duties:
1, responsible for the sales of automobile related fields, and complete the sales objectives required by the company.
2, it is responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing market information, digging new market demand points or demand points, discovering new sales opportunities and expanding new business.
3. It is responsible for the quotation of customers, the bargaining and the acquisition of product orders, and the evaluation and implementation of the sales contract.
4. It is responsible for the collection of goods receivable and the control of the customer's credit status. Finish the other related work of the marketing center
Requirements for office:
1. Bachelor's degree or above, more than 2-3 years experience in automobile material sales, person with personal resources of automobile main plant and supporting plant is preferred
2. Familiar with the process and standard of automobile material project certification, with a certain accumulation of professional knowledge, higher marketing ability and customer relationship development experience
3. Good personal quality and customer service awareness, high interpersonal communication, communication and organizational coordination


Color engineer working place: Shanghai

Post duties:
1. Responsible for the development and preparation of coloring products
2. The test and evaluation of the new varieties of color powder, the production and implementation of color color samples of various color cards
Daily maintenance of 3. color difference meter
4. technical support for color matching products; assisting customers to deal with the quality of color matching
5. file management and acceptance of color matching products and other tasks assigned by higher authorities according to requirements
Requirements for office:
1. college or above, chemical speciality
2. master the basic elements of color, the characteristics of various pigments and the influence on the material
3. understand the properties of various polymer resin materials
4. familiarity with extruder, injection molding machine and chromatic aberration instrument, analysis of color difference data

Internship clerk: Shanghai

Post requirements:
1, assist the purchasing Commissioner to do a good job in the basic work of purchasing management
The daily operation and maintenance of a.ERP;
Maintenance and update of B. supplier data
Normal operation and maintenance of c.ISO/TS16949 system
2. Be responsible for daily and quarterly statistical work and establish relevant documents and information management of Purchasing Department
3, other work or central work delivered by the completion Department
Requirements for office:
1. Familiar with computer operation
2, accounting major, one week for more than 3 days in the company, college degree or above